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Welcome to the Bioinformatics & Metabolic Engineering Laboratory at M.I.T. Our research – led by Professor Greg Stephanopoulos of the Chemical Engineering Department - examines a number of current and exciting topics in the area of Metabolic Engineering* and its industrial and medical applications. Please see description under the Research tab.

We have an active group of 25 researchers doing cutting edge research in biofuels and production of chemicals and materials from renewable resources, all advancing the vision of a biobased economy. Additionally, we apply the concepts of metabolic network analysis to the better understanding of human disease, in particular cancer. Metabolic manifestations of oncogene activation, detected through the use of labeling with stable isotopic tracers, allow for the first time the determination of specific metabolic reactions that are affected by oncogene action, thus identifying effective targets for treatment.

*Metabolic Engineering: The rational redesign – typically using genetic engineering – of organisms to meet commercial objectives, by the modification of existing – or the introduction of entirely new – metabolic pathways.

* (bI-O-”in-f&r-’ma-tiks) The collection, classification, storage, and analysis of biochemical and biological information using computers, especially as applied in molecular genetics and genomics.