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Chemical Engineering Projects Lab (10.27)

Undergrad (Spring)
(Subject meets with 10.2610.29)
Prereq: 2.6713.0145.3107.0212.335, or 1.106 and 1.10710.302; or permission of instructor
Units: 3-8-4
Projects in applied energy engineering research. Students work in teams on one project for the term. Projects often suggested by local industry. Includes training in research planning and project management, execution of experimental work, data analysis, oral presentation skills and technical report writing, and team-building. Projects consider social science issues in addition to technical issues. Intended for students with diverse technical backgrounds. Preference to Energy Studies minors.
C. K. Colton, P. T. Hammond, K. F. Jensen, J. K. Kelleher, M. S. Strano