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Metabolic Engineering (10.544)

Graduate (FallH-Level Grad Credit
Prereq: 5.607.0510.30218.03
Units: 3-0-6
Add to schedule Lecture: MW10-11.30 (66-156)
Presentation of a framework for quantitative understanding of cell functions as integrated molecular systems. Analysis of cell-level processes in terms of underlying molecular mechanisms based on thermodynamics, kinetics, mechanics, and transport principles, emphasizing an engineering, problem-oriented perspective. Objective is to rationalize target selection for genetic engineering and evaluate the physiology of recombinant cells. Topics include cell metabolism and energy production, transport across cell compartment barriers, protein synthesis and secretion, regulation of gene expression, transduction of signals from extracellular environment, cell proliferation, cell adhesion and migration.
Gr. Stephanopoulos
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