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Greg Stephanopoulos Candidate for 2015 AIChE President-Elect

by admin on September 5th, 2014

Gregory Stephanopoulos’ Statement of Goals for AIChE

Gregory Stephanopoulos is the W. H. Dow Professor of Chemical Engineering at MIT. After obtaining his chemical engineering doctorate at Univ. of Minnesota, he taught at Caltech before joining MIT in 1985. His research focuses on metabolic engineering — the engineering of microbes to convert them to chemical factories for the production of fuels and chemicals. He has co-authored or edited five books, 380 papers and 50 patents, and supervised more than 110 graduate students and post-docs. He is editor-in-chief of two journals, and serves on the editorial boards of seven scientific journals and the advisory boards of five chemical engineering departments. Among his 15 major awards are AIChE’s Food, Pharmaceutical, and Bioengineering (FPBE) Div. Award, Wilhelm Award, and Founders Award. In 2002 he was elected to AIChE’s Board of Directors. He is an AIChE Fellow and Trustee of the AIChE Foundation. He is also a Member of the National Academy of Engineering and Corresponding Member of the Academy of Athens.

Statement: It is a great honor to be nominated for AIChE President-Elect. I have been a member of AIChE for 40 years and served the Institute as a leader of the FPBE Div.; a member of the Board of Directors; and co-Founder-Chairman of the Society for Biological Engineering (SBE). During this period, I have witnessed the evolution of chemical engineering and AIChE from a process- oriented discipline and fuels and chemicals-based organization, to a field that recognizes molecular engineering and multi-scale optimization as critical elements of process development. Chemical engineering is unique in that it is founded on a tripod of sciences (physics, chemistry and biology), which makes it attractive for many diverse areas of application such as microelectronics, biotechnology, food and pharmaceuticals. While this diversity has offered opportuni- ties for chemical engineers to pursue successful careers in many areas, it has presented challenges to the strength of our professional organization, AIChE. As AIChE President my top priority will be to increase member- ship. To this end, I will reach out to those chemical engineers who thrive in other areas, building bridge organizations between AIChE and other disciplines following the successful model of SBE and the Center for Energy Initiatives. I will use the resurgence of interest in energy and the production of chemicals as means to emphasize the importance of the chemical engineering paradigm in the competi- tiveness and growth of the chemical and energy industries. Finally, I will try to expand the international reach of AIChE and strengthen its role as the global home of chemical engineers. This is my way of giving back to an organization that has been pivotal to my professional development. I will be happy to receive comments at

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