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Yuqiong Li


BS Chemical Engineering (2007) Cornell University

Research officer, Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (2008) A*STAR, Singapore

PhD Chemical Engineering (since Aug 2008) MIT

MS Chemical Engineering Practice (2009) MIT


  • “From Glutathione Capping to a Crosslinked, Phytochelatin-Like Coating of Quantum Dots”, Yuangang Zheng, Yuqiong Li, Zichao Yang,  Jackie Y. Ying, Advance Materials, Vol 20, Issue 18, Pg 3410-3415, 2008
  • “Forming Glutathione-Capped and Metal-Doped Zinc Selenide/Zinc Sulfide Core-Shell Quantum Dots in Aqueous Solution” (WO/2009/099397),  Yuangang Zheng, Yuqiong Li, Jackie Y. Ying, 2008