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Kang Zhou

Transcription analysis of metabolic engineered E. coli for isoprenoid production

Transcriptional analysis is routinely used in metabolic engineering for the validation of heterologous gene expression and in the deconvolution of transcriptional networks in cellular responses. Quantitative PCR (qPCR) allows reliable quantification of transcriptomic changes with high sensitivity, accuracy and wide dynamic range. However, the accurate interpretation of qPCR data requires normalization using stably expressed reference genes. To date, the choice of reliable reference genes for transcriptomic studies in metabolic engineering of E. coli has yet to be systematically selected and validated. The current project aims to identify reference gene(s) stably expressed in diverse conditions in E. coli metabolic engineering, and apply well normalized transcriptional data to the study of the biological phenomenons of interest.


  • Ph.D. (current) Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering, Singapore – MIT Alliance
  • B.S. (2007) Chemical Engineering, Tianjin University